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When a mother's transition from life to death is anticipated, the mourning process begins early and is filled with a range of conflicts and emotions as a girl watches her mother's health decline. By offering services that are uniquely their own, Harriett’s Daughters will help girls learn to manage their emotions so they can make the most of the remaining time with their mothers as they prepare for her transition. ​Our goal is to offer: 

  • Opportunities for mother-daughter bonding through memorable activities and experiences 

  • Resources for grief counseling, family counseling, and mother-daughter counseling

  • Assistance with honoring and memorializing a daughter's beloved mother

  • Community resources for families that may need additional services and assistance

  • Support groups for surviving fathers, grandparents and caretakers 

We are looking for licensed mental health professionals to provide counseling services for our families.

Do you want to have a life-long transformational impact on a girl's life?

Is your specialty grief or family counseling? 

Does our mission and vision resonate with you?

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Please check back with us and follow us on social media for updates and announcements. If you have additional questions, or want to get involved, please contact us.