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My mother is the inspiration and sparkle behind Harriett's Daughters. She was the embodiment of quiet-fortitude and grace, and she met her pancreatic cancer diagnosis with courage and hope. Throughout my life her guidance and unyielding support were golden. I vividly remember her impressing upon me the value of education and the importance of personal-growth and development. When I was in the throes of my teenage years, she was my advocate and moral compass. And as I grew into womanhood, she became both my biggest cheerleader and best friend.

As a registered nurse who specialized in emergency care and quality assurance standards, and served as legal nurse consultant and a nursing instructor, my mother dedicated her life to the caring of others. Her compassion for people permeated every aspect of her life. While she fought to survive, her heart and mind were with her students, friends, family — and me. She was the personification of a public servant and an incredible example.


"She was the personification of a public servant and an incredible example."


My Deepest Fear Became a Reality

In the spring of 2012, on a Thursday afternoon, my world changed forever.

My mother called and shared that she’d been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

In a tearful panic, my first response was, ‘Mom, are you going to die?’. 

My mother calmly responded, “Yes.”.

My Deepest Fear
Giving Back

"My hope is that Harriett's Daughters' services and programs, serve as the catalysts for healing and transformation."

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