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Dr. Maitri Kalra


Dr. Kalra is a medical hematologist/oncologist currently working at Indiana University Health Ball Memorial  Hospital in Muncie, IN. She's actively involved in treating patients with various types of malignancies and opening new clinical trials for cancer patients. She has been working as a clinician, clinical investigator, and educator; and has focused on opening and monitoring several trials for breast cancer, lung cancer, and genomic based therapy at her institution.


Dr. Kalra is the lead for Quality Improvement at her Cancer Center and has undertaken several projects to improve patient experience and quality of cancer care. As the Director for the Breast program, she plays a role in ensuring quality care for breast cancer patients and making sure they are offered enrollment in trials. She has volunteered with Little Red Door; which is a non-profit cancer agency that works to reduce the physical, emotional, and financial burdens of cancer for medically underserved Hoosiers by providing free client services, survivor programming, and education. Additionally, she's a part of their Advisory Council where she plays a role in assessing cancer patients’ needs during their diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.


Dr. Kalra is the first doctor in her family, and there is a reason why she chose to be one. When she was a toddler, her grandmother passed away with metastatic breast cancer. It was diagnosed at an advanced stage, likely due to lack of screening in India at that time. She could see the emotional scars her sufferings and demise left on her family, especially her father. Before her family could fully recover from this loss, her father’s aunt was diagnosed with the same disease. Her parents decided to take her in and care for her, and young miss Kalra used to accompany her parents during her aunt’s hospital visits.


While her parents expressed their gratitude to doctors, she began to feel that a doctor not only treats patients, but also heals the family, and makes loss and suffering bearable. Thereafter, she fancied becoming a doctor. With time, as this desire grew stronger it transformed into a passion. She was determined to help people alleviate their sufferings by becoming a diligent and compassionate doctor.


Dr. Kalra has always been fascinated by oncology. Taking care of patients with cancer reminded her of her childhood; working with these patients not only taught her the science of medicine but she realized why it is called “The Art of Medicine”. She loves the fact that the field of  hematology/oncology allows her to take care of patients in a holistic way, helping them not only with their cancer treatment but also the emotional trauma that comes with it.

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