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Neiasha Russell


Neiasha is a former school counselor with 15+ years experience in elementary, middle and high school counseling, coordinating programs, liaising with community services, and disseminating information. She’s an experienced relationship manager, highly skilled in collaborating with universities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and corporations. She’s also worked as a teen program facilitator, a workshop instructor, a program director, and a community development coordinator.

She has a Masters of Education (M.A.Ed.) in School Counseling from Grand Valley State University, a B.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in Learning Behavior Disorders from Hampton University, and is certified through, The American Institute of Health Care Professionals in Grief Counseling. She is currently a mentor, and volunteers through the American Red Cross, Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT), and other community-based organizations.


Whether she’s designing a new program, improving an existing initiative, or working with a team to reach a shared goal, her approach to getting the job done centers on resourcefulness. She produces quality, maximizes effort, and boosts impact because she uses resources that other people don’t think to use. She gathers information in unconventional ways, brainstorms new ways to solve old problems, and works tirelessly to produce something she’s proud of. 

She has been described as a “woman of integrity” who’s “committed to excellence,” and as someone who’s “focused,” and “resilient.” She likes to think that she’s fun to work with and she does well in positions where she can make a real and lasting difference in the lives of people around her.


She feels like she's at the apex of her purpose and profession as founder & CEO of Harriett’s Daughters.

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