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Grief Throughout The Holidays

Grief ebbs and flows throughout the year, but during the holiday season, it can be more difficult to cope with. Especially, during a season when we are supposed to be “joyful”. Befriending your grief during the holiday season can be a good thing. When we trust the grieving process, it teaches us how to heal and move forward.

Here are some tips to help you (or those you know) cope with grief this holiday season:

  1. Allow yourself to feel any emotion. It is okay if you are at a holiday party and need to take time for yourself. Step outside, call a loved one or allow yourself to sit in silence in the room. Do not control your emotions, sit with them and know they’ll pass.

  2. Make new traditions. Try something new for yourself this holiday season. Don’t stop celebrating your old traditions, but try something new that you’ve always wanted to do.

  3. Help out in your community. Giving back to others can be incredibly rewarding and healing.

  4. Ask for help. You can’t always do it alone, and there is absolutely no shame in that. Let your loved ones know that you are struggling with grief, and if you need additional help, reach out to a professional .

  5. Set your own boundaries and expectations. Don’t feel the need to please others throughout the holiday season. Set healthy boundaries and expectations for yourself – your loved ones will understand!

Grief is complicated and presents differently for each person. Find coping strategies that work for you, and don’t be afraid to befriend with your grief this holiday season. You are brave!


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